San Bernardino Peak in the Snow

San Bernardino Peak is one of my favorite local hikes. It’s never crowded like many of the other trails, and the scenery is beautiful. I’ve been wanting to go for months, but the weather and my schedule have not cooperated. I finally got to go on Saturday and it was fantastic. There was four to five feet of snow on the upper elevations, with snow starting a mile into the trail. Being on the summit, in the snow, in perfect weather, was pretty magical.

I also met some fellow hikers along the way, Remi and Robert, and we might do some future hikes together. I’m looking forward to another summit like this one next weekend. I’m in the mood for a little more suffering, so I think I’ll do Iron Mountain.

I’d like to give a word of caution for anyone who wants to do this trail in the snow. There is no exposure on the trail, so there is no risk of sliding off the mountain to your death like there is on Mount Baldy’s Backbone Trail or on sections of San Gorgonio. There is, however, a danger of getting lost, especially in the snow. It’s a long way in and many hikers, like myself, may take off-trail routes to the summit. You may follow tracks that disappear and find yourself disoriented. Always bring a GPS, map, and compass – and hike with someone else if this is out of your comfort zone.

Elevation Profile

San Bernardino Peak Elevation Profile

Trail Map

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