Owens Peak: Don’t Underestimate the Small Adventures

I did Owens Peak with the kids on Saturday. Bec watched the grandbaby, and since Owens Peak was close enough for a day hike, it seemed like the perfect objective for all of us. It’s also on the Sierra Peaks Section so I sort of had to do it anyway.

I didn’t realize that the big adventure was actually getting to the trailhead. The map told us to turn right at a junction on the dirt road. We drove through a creek and then up a really bad 4WD road for miles. At one point the kids didn’t think our car was going to make it, but the Outback didn’t disappoint. We all got to the trailhead a little relieved that we didn’t end up high-centered on a rock!

The hike was short and steep, but we got there in a few hours without much fuss. As we descended, I think we were all a little nervous about getting back on that 4WD road again. Fortunately, we saw a low-clearance BMW parked next to us at the trailhead and realized there was an easier route back to Highway 395. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

In Adelanto, we all loaded up on huge portions of Panda Express. Normally I can’t take that much greasy food, but we were all so hungry that it was absolutely delicious. I got to spend a day on a little adventure with the kids again and I never take this for granted. I am always thankful.

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